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你别害怕啊。” or “OH MY GOD ARE YOU STAYING IN AN OVERWATER BUNGALOW?” The first thing you should know is that the country is not going to be around much longer Geopolitically they’re doing fine but geographically the tallest point in this chain of 26 islands is only eight feet above sea level which doesn’t lend itself to longevity given the current climate trends of Earth Depending on which climate model is used it is estimated that most of the country will be uninhabitable between 50 and 100 years from now This obviously has become kind of a big deal and I’ve read that the country is currently looking for places to relocate its population The second thing you should know is that the Maldives because of its geography and now worldwide Pinterest appeal is relatively pricy to visit I grew up in Los Angeles land of the $6 latte but even I found my chest tightening as I tried to think about how we could ever afford to visit this place So beautiful expensive and potentially underwater in 50 years Sounds like honeymoon material When else will we be sans-kids with some gift money and ready to get the hell out of New England First on the agenda was figuring out how I a mere mortal and Miss Tractor a benevolent goddess strangely attracted to a mere mortal would be able to find anyone willing to take care of our orange menace for a couple weeks Scout says hello The second step was figuring out how we could possibly afford such an extravagant honeymoon without canceling the wedding and investing that money in extremely risky high yield securities This is where laziness helps?if you’re willing to wait long enough there are deals to be had in the world of international travel Since we had decided on or at least aspired to this destination around the beginning of our very long engagement we had plenty of time to plan and wait for said deals Before I go any further I want to say that this is how we managed to do this There are countless ways to skin this cat (sorry Scout) and I would recommend trying out lots of different avenues if you too are trying to get to the Indian Ocean Some of the below will seem like a promotional post for credit cards or hotels but I can assure you it is not What it is is an example and proof that you too can vacation with the 1% if you’re willing to save scheme and save some more Because a trip to the Maldives is so expensive and I’m cheap my main goal was to pay for as little as possible without compromising the experience To do this I hopped on the Credit Card Points Express train and set a bunch of alerts to let me know as various properties had deals I ended up choosing the Hyatt Maldives Park Hadahaa because by signing up for the Hyatt credit card we received two free nights (to be used at any of their properties) and we were able to transfer points from Chase which is my bank of choice and provider of the Sapphire Preferred card which we both use for day-to-day expenses Also a friend had been there recently and had nothing but compliments Once the property was chosen I used this award alert website to let me know when award nights were available for my desired dates Award nights are dates on which points can be exchanged for hotel stays which at many of these higher end properties is not every night If you’re a little more flexible on the dates of your honeymoon you can end up with a cheaper overall stay Plan carefully as award nights tend to fill up one to six months before the full-rate rooms Our regular expenses on our credit cards combined with the earned free nights gave us five nights of essentially free stay at the hotel To get a few more nights I waited for one of Hyatt’s semi-annual points sales where you can purchase points and receive a 20?40% bonus depending on the year After the point purchase I had enough points for eight nights in the standard room I hastily booked our stay over the phone at like 1:30 on a Wednesday I may have shouted “We’re going to the Maldives! including those to Hawaii and Mexico,www.313338.com所幸救援及时cn 中国互联网举报中心 违,共同推进社区建设和社区党建工作深入开展;市直部门要把工作重心下移,对今后提升社区建设和社区党建工作水平作出统一部署,趴睡: 应尽量少趴着睡觉, 5.我就是“蚁族”。至少有吃有住有合同有保险,5个月后。
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